Click! Network Update

Updated July 2, 2019

On March 26, the Tacoma City Council voted to adopt a resolution to pursue negotiations with Tacoma-based internet service provider, Rainier Connect, for expansion of the existing public-private partnership, which includes maintaining the Click! Network as a publicly-owned asset. Negotiations with Rainier Connect are expected to take several months.

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On March 5, 2019, a third-party consultant, Joanne Hovis of CTC Technology & Energy, presented how each of the two final proposals align with the 12 policy goals adopted by the Board and City Council for a public-private partnership. These 12 goals were prioritized through stakeholder meetings conducted by the Center for Dialogue and Resolution (CDR). She also recommended moving forward with Rainier Connect.

The public-private partnership term sheets protect the public interest across all of the policy goals – including equity, net neutrality, data privacy, low-income affordability, and robust competition.

TPU will retain ownership of the existing network and take ownership of all upgrades the private partner makes to the network. Click here to download a two-page fact sheet about this process

You can view that presentation here:

Supporting Documents

Watch the recording of the March 13 Public Utility Board Meeting online.

Watch the recording of the March 18 special Public Utility Board Meeting online. 

Watch the recording of the March 19 City of Tacoma’s Citizen’s Forum online. 

The opportunity for public comment was provided during all meetings listed above.

Media Releases and Fact-Sheets

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Click! Presentations and Videos

Learn more about the public process that determined the rank of the 12 policy goals for a Click! Network public-private partnership.