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When you choose to do business with TPU you will find yourself in a partnership that lasts for the life of your business. Our economic development and account executive teams are staffed by experts in their field, who come with a long list of valuable contacts and relationships with local, regional and state economic development entities and government officials.

Tacoma’s utilities have high reliability scores which means that we value your business and work diligently to maintain a system that preserves your ability to produce.

Publicly owned since 1893, we are a unique public utility with three distinct business units:

Tacoma Power
In addition to supplying clean, renewable hydroelectric energy that is 97% carbon free, it is one of the most affordable power utilities in the region and nation. Learn about Tacoma Power.

Tacoma Water
Operates and maintains one of the country’s oldest municipally owned water systems, providing high-quality water at very competitive prices to more than 300,000 people. Learn about Tacoma Water.

Tacoma Rail
Offers low cost freight access to the world; operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, serving 65 customers on 140 miles of track. Learn about Tacoma Rail.

Rate Competitiveness

Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water conducted comparative rate analyses for commercial and industrial rates against those of Tacoma’s peer port cities.

The analyses were extremely complex and time consuming for both Power and Water because rate classes between utilities are different. Therefore, direct comparison is extremely difficult, so our analyses looked at system averages and other criteria to best levelize the rate structures and fees.

The good news is that both Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water are competitively priced relative to their peer port city utilities.

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On both a system average and non-industrial rates basis, Tacoma Power has the lowest rates of all compared to peer port city utilities.

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On an industrial rates basis, Tacoma Power is third lowest.

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Depending on whether our customers are located within Tacoma city limits or beyond, we see that our water rates are extremely competitive against our peers.


For more information:

Michael Catsi, CEcD, DFCP – Economic Development Manager or 253-820-9841

Get to know Michael in South Sound Business’ recent article ASK: Michael Catsi, published Sept. 2020.

Power and Water incentives

In addition to a number of City, County and State incentives, Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water offer rebates for commercial and industrial customers who incorporate power and water conservation systems and energy-efficient equipment into their buildings and plants.

Tacoma Power 

Energy conservation rebates help businesses reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency. We offer rebates to help your business upgrade HVAC, lighting and commercial equipment. Learn more about energy conservation rebates for your business.

Commercial Strategic Energy Management

Our Commercial Strategic Energy Management (CSEM) program can lower your company’s energy bills be identifying and implementing operation and maintenance improvements and increasing employees’ energy-saving behaviors with minimal cost. Learn more about CSEM.

Tacoma Water

Water conservation rebates help businesses and industry use water more efficiently. Rebates are designed to offset up to 50% of the initial costs of installing hardware, equipment and systems that are expected to result in predictable water savings. Rebate amounts are calculated based on estimated water savings to ensure program cost-effectiveness.

In addition to lowering your water bill, these upgrades may also reduce your sewer and power bills, too. Learn more about water conservation rebates for your business.

TPU by the numbers

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