Support Renewable Energy

Being our customer means you already contribute to promoting clean, renewable hydroelectric energy. If you are interested in finding more ways to support renewable energy and further reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve identified a few opportunities below.

Evergreen Options 
Tacoma Power’s Evergreen Options program allows customers to pay a small additional monthly fee to support local renewable energy development by matching a portion of your energy use with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Learn more about Evergreen Options.

Solar Net Metering
Net metering is the interconnection of electricity generating devices such as solar modules to the utility electricity grid. The meter records the net of the customer’s use of utility electricity and their own electricity generation. Learn more about solar net metering.

Electric Vehicles 
Electric vehicles (EVs) are a clean alternative to traditional vehicles – especially when the electricity that fuels them comes from renewables like the hydroelectricity Tacoma Power provides to our customers. Learn more about EVs.