Rebate & Financing Programs for Multifamily & Condo Properties

Utilities are one of the largest controllable costs for rental properties. If you own or manage a rental, Tacoma Power has programs to help you reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency, boost profits and save your tenants some money on their energy bills. Our programs and free services include:

  • Rebate programs
  • Energy use assessments
  • Project recommendations
  • Assistance with rebate applications
  • Project inspections
  • Access to contractors familiar with our rebate and incentive programs

If you are planning to remodel or start new construction at your rental, this section will also help guide you through the permitting process.

To learn more about our rental property programs, contact us at (253) 502-8363 or


Information about electrical or water permits for your rental property is found on our Permits page.

Rebate Forms


Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate, Loan & Grant Applications (includes Terms & Conditions), Supporting Forms & Documents

Bid Forms & Calculators

BPA Forms & Resources

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Program Specifications

Required Documents Checklist

Property Manager Website

If you own or manage rental property, you can save time by using the Property Manager website, which lets you manage your water and electricity services all in one place. It also allows you or your designated agent to:

  • Access current occupant(s) name and move in date.
  • View pending move in and move out activity.
  • Complete move-in and move-out requests.
  • View account summaries, including unit addresses and owner balances.
  • View pending service order information.
  • Receive email confirmation of your transactions.
  • Contact the Business Solutions Office directly.

This website does not provide financial information about your tenants, only the details listed above.

If you live within the city of Tacoma, your bill also includes fees for Environmental Services including solid waste, recycling, wastewater and surface water. TPU does not manage these services but we do consolidate the separate charges into one utility bill for your convenience. These services cannot be managed through the Property Manager website, so please contact the City of Tacoma with questions about solid waste, recycling, wastewater and surface water.

If you have questions about the Property Manager website, please contact our Business Solutions Office at (253) 502-8606 or

Website Registration Details

To register for the Property Manager website, you must first have an active Landlord Service Continuation Agreement (LSCA) with us. This ensures utility service(s) remain active and billed to the owner while the property or rental unit is vacant.

As part of the agreement, you or your agent agrees to notify us when occupancy changes in a unit and before the sale of a property listed in a LSCA agreement.

How to Register

To request access to the Property Manager website, download, print and complete the Property Manager Access Agreement. You can then scan and email it to or mail it to:

Property Manager Access Team
Tacoma Public Utilities
3628 S. 35th St.
Tacoma, WA 98409

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions for using the website.

(Property Manager Portal Login button)

For help using the website, see our detailed Property Manager Website Guide.