Multifamily & Condo Property Owner Spotlight

Aladdin-Camelot Apartments

Built in the late 1960s, Hokold Development’s Aladdin-Camelot Apartments in Tacoma was spending too much for electricity due to outdated and inefficient light bulbs and fixtures. To help the company conserve energy and reduce its utility bills, Tacoma Power approached Hokold with LED lighting rebates and free energy services.

The upgrade succeeded in making the multi-family complex brighter, safer and more energy efficient. Plus, the rebates reduced the project’s cost by nearly 40% while lowering annual electric bills by about $14,000. See project details, savings and efficiency results below.

Property Details

  • 47 buildings
  • More than 525 tenants

Project Goals

  • Lower electric bills
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve tenant safety and security by illuminating the building’s exteriors, stairwells and parking lots
  • Increase property value and curb appeal

Energy-Efficient Upgrades Performed

  • Upgraded exterior and interior common areas to LED lighting
  • Installed 419 exterior LED light fixtures and bulbs
  • Installed 358 interior LED light fixtures and bulbs

Project Results

  • Project cost: $83,973
  • Tacoma Power Rebates: $32,154
  • Customer final cost: $51,819
  • Estimated annual savings on electric bill: $14,427
  • Estimated return on investment period: 3.1 years
  • Annual energy savings: 187,115 kilowatt hours

Customer Testimonials

“The new lights reduce the number of maintenance requests to replace bulbs, allowing me to focus on other important maintenance issues. The new fixtures are a much needed improvement.”

James M., Maintenance

“The new lighting outside the building is wonderful. It was so dark in the parking lot before that I was afraid to come home too late with the kids by myself. Now, I can see all the way to the other side and that makes me feel secure. My family and I are so grateful for the improvements.”

Nilza G., Tenant

“When driving up to the properties and seeing the upgrades, it makes me feel proud as the property manager to represent the Aladdin-Camelot community. Tacoma Power has been a joy to work with. Its staff is always accommodating and willing to help whenever possible. We anticipate an ongoing relationship with our utility.”

Sheila C., Property Manager

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