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To save money and make your business more energy efficient, take advantage of rebate programs, business incentives and free services designed to lower your operating costs and utility bills from Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water.

If you have questions about the programs listed below, please contact us at 253-502-8619 or We are here to help.

Customer Energy Programs
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See our complete list of commercial and industrial rebates below. Plus information on zero-interest loans to help make energy-efficient upgrades more affordable for your business.

HVAC Forms & Information

Upgrading to energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment can reduce your company’s electric bill by up to 40%. Plus, you may be eligible for rebates when you install new equipment, which saves you even more money. To learn more, see our Save with HVAC page.

Heating & Cooling Rebate Form – Efficient heating and cooling equipment can help you use up to 40% less energy.

  • $150 to $500/Ton

Packaged Terminal Heat Pump – Save money when you upgrade to efficient HVAC equipment.

  • $100/Unit

Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) – An ARC retrofit can reduce utility expenses by more than 50%.

Pick from the following options:


$1,500 per unit (< 10 tons) $2,500 per unit (10 tons to 20 tons) $4,000 per unit (>20 tons)

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or a multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation
  • A controller with digital, integrated economizer controls, and
  • Demand Control Ventilation based on CO2 sensor readings.


$800 per unit (< 10 tons) $1,000 per unit (10 tons to 20 tons) $2,000 per unit (>20 tons)

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or a multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation.

ARC-Single Phase

$500 per unit (<5 tons)

  • An ECM motor or VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation.

Connected Thermostat – Save money and energy by better controlling your heating and cooling systems.

  • $200 per unit for electric heat
  • $50 per unit for gas heat
Lighting Forms & Information

To learn how to lower your utility bills and reduce your maintenance and operations costs with rebates and energy-efficiency upgrades, see our Save with Lighting page.

Bright Rebates – Updating lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy and money. Learn more.

  • Up to 60% of project cost
Custom Project Forms & Information

Existing commercial, industrial and governmental buildings may qualify for rebates to reduce the costs of a wide variety of major energy-efficiency upgrades. Eligible projects cover HVAC, insulation, drive power, refrigeration and many other industrial processes. To learn more about our rebates and other ways to reduce your electric bills, see our Custom Projects page.

Custom Retrofit – Updating to new, energy-efficient equipment of various types can save you money.

  • Up to 70% of project cost

Compressed Air – A compressed air system can represent up to 20% of your total electric use.

  • Up to 70% of project cost
New Construction Forms & Information

If your company is planning to build a new commercial or industrial facility, our rebates and other programs can help lower your upfront costs while reducing your utility bills in the long term. To learn more, see our Save with New Construction page.

Power Strips

Did you know that many electronics still use power even when turned off? If your company has a lot of electronic equipment, that adds up to a significant amount of wasted energy and money. Smart power strips can prevent this by turning off equipment when not in use.

To help you save money, a $15 rebate on each qualified smart power strip is available to your business.

Rebate Eligibility Details

  • Power strip must be used by a business within Tacoma Power’s service territory.
  • Rebates for installation of more than 500 smart power strips require pre-approval from Tacoma Power.
  • The power strip must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and must be able to curtail plug load.
  • All power strips must be UL Listed.
  • Current sensor smart strips must automatically switch off peripheral plug load from the control plug outlet and prohibit false switching by incorporating resistor-capacitor circuit filters or equivalent.
  • Occupancy sensor smart strips must include a passive infrared occupancy sensor which operates to automatically switch off peripheral plug load from the control plug outlet.
  • Rebate application packet must be submitted within 60 days of smart strip installation.

Rebate Process

  • Buy and install qualifying smart power strips.
  • Complete the smart power strip rebate application and attach:
    • A list of all addresses and account numbers with qualified smart strips installed;
    • Copies of all invoices for the purchase of the smart strips.

Submit these documents to:

C/I Equipment Rebate Program
Tacoma Power
Consumer Energy Programs – 4th Floor
P.O. Box 11007
Tacoma, WA 98411

Or scan and email to with the subject line: CI Strip Rebates.

Save with Tax Credits

By law, business owners can deduct the cost of some energy-efficient equipment and systems installed in commercial buildings. Further deductions are available for “whole-building” energy-efficiency projects. Qualifying building types and items include:

  • New buildings that do not rely on renewable energy
  • Multifamily residential buildings with more than three stories above ground
  • New portions of buildings and their systems
  • New systems and equipment in existing buildings

Renewable Energy Credits and Grants

Businesses that install renewable-energy systems may be eligible to earn tax credits through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Learn more about ARRA tax incentives from the Internal Revenue Service.

Additional Tax Credit Resources

Walk-Through Energy Assessment

A Walk-Through Energy Assessment is a free service that helps you better understand how your business or facility consumes electricity. The walk-through is conducted by a Tacoma Power energy expert who visits your company and then provides:

  • An analysis of your electric bill to explain and clarify your total electricity use and billing history.
  • A written response with recommendations for reducing electricity use and lowering your utility bill.
  • Cost estimates for any energy-saving upgrades, equipment or other recommended improvements.

To request your free Walk-Through Energy Assessment, contact us at (253) 502-8619 or

Incentives for Investment Property Owners and Managers

If you own or manage residential rental properties, we have programs to help you reduce your operating costs, boost profits, improve energy efficiency, and save your tenants some money on their utility bills. We offer loans, grants, rebates, contractor discounts, and more to help you pay for energy efficient upgrades to your properties. Learn more here.

Commercial Water Incentives

Industrial businesses can receive valuable incentives for making upgrades that will save water and money. Learn more here.

Smart Irrigation Rebate

Using a weather-based irrigation controller can reduce water waste and lower your utility bill. To learn more about available rebates that can save you money, visit our Smart Irrigation Business Rebate page.

Additional Resources

Download our Commercial Incentives Brochure

Download our Commercial Rebate Guide

How to Send Us Your Documents

Once you complete the bid forms online, email them to Or, print your completed form (see the “print completed form” in the bottom right corner) and mail it to:

Customer Energy Programs
Commercial Division
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