Water Events

Providing safe and reliable drinking water is our highest priority. Enroll within MyAccount to receive notifications for water events in your area. Our event map allows you to view and track what’s going on easily.


Our map is a valuable tool for locating and learning about planned water main flushing, outages, and current water events in your area. Simply click on an icon to learn more about the cause, the number of customers affected, and the restoration status.

Planned Water Events

Water Main Flushing

As part of our regular maintenance, we flush the pipes in our water system. This forces high-velocity flows through the pipes and out through fire hydrants, which helps remove rust and sediment, ensuring you receive clean, reliable water. It also aids in the detection and repair of malfunctioning valves and hydrants before they cause issues. 

After a planned flushing event, if you experience discolored water or sediment, remove aerators from your faucets and run the cold water for three to five minutes. We also recommend that your first load of laundry after flushing be dark clothes.

Click here to learn more about what to expect during flushing events.

Planned Outages

Planned water outages may occur when our crews need to conduct maintenance or repairs on water mains or when new construction is underway in an area. Before we restore water service after a planned outage, we fill and flush the area and test and treat the water to ensure your water continues to be clean and reliable.  

After a planned water outage, we recommend waiting a few hours before running your water. If you waited a few hours and the water still comes out discolored, run cold water in a bathtub with no aerators. 

Unplanned Water Events

Unplanned water events are often caused by disturbances in a water main. For example, if a water main breaks or a fire hydrant gets used in your area, it can stir up sediment that settles at the bottom of the main. While it may look unsafe, the sediment contains river silt particles, which are harmless. 
After an unplanned event, remove aerators from your faucets and run the cold water for three to five minutes. We also recommend your first load of laundry after flushing be dark clothes. 
If you experience a water quality issue, such as discolored water, low pressure, etc., avoid using water for one or two hours and call 253-502-8344 to report it. 

Emergency Water Events

Water emergencies are a public health concern that may require boiling or not using water. We will provide specific information and instructions on this page during a water emergency. 

Existing MyAccount Users

Login to MyAccount and enroll to receive water outage notifications by navigating to “Profile” and then “Notifications.” You will see a section labeled “Water Outage” and a drop-down menu that allows you to select to receive notifications via email and/or text message. 

Register for MyAccount

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Need Help?

During regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • For information about water quality, call 253-502-8207.
  • To report water leaks, meter issues, outages, and emergency turn on/off, call 253-502-8384.

Outside of regular business hours:

If you have a water concern or emergency, call 253-502-8344.