Tehaleh Water Storage Tank

Pinnacle Ridge Reservoir

Construction is underway for a new Tacoma Water storage tank and pump station on a two-acre parcel of land in the Pinnacle Ridge neighborhood of the Tehaleh community. This project ensures water service reliability, including adequate supply for firefighting and other emergencies. A vital component of this project is to control and maintain water pressure, enhancing the comfort of the community.

Tacoma Water determined the need for this storage tank during the planning of the Tehaleh master-planned development. Therefore, the timeline is directly tied to the community’s growth. The tank will be approximately 90 feet tall and 106 feet in diameter, with a capacity of five million gallons.

To minimize the impact on the neighborhood, the site for the tank is on existing utility-zoned property. Tehaleh developers helped select the location during the initial design of the community for its proximity and accessibility.

July 2024 Project Update

The remaining electrical equipment will be installed this month. The large entryway steel plate for the tank will be welded into place and coated, along with final touch-ups on the exterior of the tank. The last major coating work will be the floor inside the tank. Site work, such as the access road and fencing, will be installed as space is freed up to perform this work. Startup and testing are expected to begin in September.

Tehaleh 44

Tehaleh 45

Process for design and construction:

  • Clear property and begin site work
  • Install water main
  • Construct a storage tank
  • Install pump station
  • Construct communications building
  • Complete site work
  • Testing and start-up
  • Commissioning

Project Manager: Carol Powers, PE

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