Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Electric vehicles are a clean alternative to traditional vehicles – especially when the electricity that fuels them comes from renewables like the hydroelectricity we provide our customers.

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We need your help understanding the EV market

Do you own an electric vehicle, have your own charger, and buy your electricity from Tacoma Power? If so, you could earn up to $500.

If you qualify for our two-year Electric Vehicle Charging Study, making $500 is easy! All you do is take occasional surveys and share data about your EV charging patterns and use. The information gathered will help provide current and future EV drivers with new benefits, education, and other useful resources.

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Savings Calculator

How far does $3 drive your car? Understand your savings potential using our EV savings calculator.

Tax credits & exemptions

Learn more about available federal tax credits and WA state sales exemptions for EVs. 

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Need a charge? Visit our map to find an EV charging station on your route.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Tacoma Power customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint by switching to electric vehicles have an advantage over residents in other parts of our region. Our electricity comes from 89% hydroelectricity from local dams and is 97% carbon free. When you switch to an electric vehicle that uses electricity from Tacoma Power, you’ll significantly lower your carbon footprint.

Save on Fuel Costs

You’ll also save money on fuel costs. In Washington, it costs an average of $0.86 per gallon to fuel an EV (when translating the energy content of electricity to gallons of gas). Our rates are lower in Tacoma, so it’s even cheaper. Compare this to an average of $2.80 per gallon for gas in Tacoma and the savings add up fast.

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