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Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a clean alternative to traditional gasoline powered vehicles – especially when the electricity that fuels them comes from renewable energy like the hydroelectricity we provide our customers. From hosting events and workshops to supporting local efforts and electrifying our own fleet, we are committed to the electrification of transportation!

Tacoma Power staff recently completed our Transportation Electrification 2021 Action Report that shows all the work that was done this past year since we launched our Transportation Electrification Plan to support Tacoma’s green energy economy. Transportation is the top polluter in our region, and we can help combat that by transitioning the sector to clean, renewable hydroelectric energy from Tacoma Power and other carbon-free alternative fuels like hydrogen. Learn more about our our latest work in Tacoma Power’s Transportation Electrification 2021 Action Report and the history of this initiative.

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