Streetside Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle drivers in Tacoma’s Neighborhood Business Districts can charge their EVs using streetside Level 2 chargers.

13 of the City of Tacoma’s 15 Neighborhood Business Districts have received one new streetside charger.

Streetside Electric Vehicle Chargers 1

The 13 charger locations include:
  • 6th Avenue – 3102 6th Ave
  • Dome District – 301 E 26th St (temporarily removed)
  • Fern Hill – 8402 S Park Ave
  • Hilltop – 1105 S 10th St (temporarily removed)
  • Lincoln – 3831 S 39th St
  • McKinley – 799 E Harrison
  • Narrows – 601 N Rochester
  • Old Town – 2306 N 30th
  • Pacific – 5402 Pacific Ave
  • Portland Avenue – 1606 E 31st
  • Proctor – 3803 N 26th
  • Ruston-Pt. Defiance – 5113 N Pearl St
  • Stadium District – 124 N Tacoma
Fast Facts
  • Signage identifies the charging locations, including signs at the sites and way finding signs.
  • You can find the charging sites on public EV charging services (website/app) like PlugShare.
  • You can find the chargers streetside in the right of way (ROW).
  • TPU charges a fee to charge at the stations, consistent with other utility-owned EV chargers.


Why install chargers in Tacoma’s Neighborhood Business Districts?

Supports businesses, schools, multifamily residents, and people in neighborhoods that previously had no access to public EV charging.

      • Helps businesses attract customers who can charge their EVs while they shop.
      • Provides people who live in Tacoma’s neighborhoods access to EV charging they may not have at home.

Makes EV charging accessible to people in Tacoma who have EVs or those considering EVs.

Reduces driving-range anxiety as access to public charging continues to grow.

Helps Tacoma Power support the growing demand for EVs in our service area.

A collaboration between Tacoma Power, the City of Tacoma Public Works Department, the City’s Parking Services, and its Community and Economic Development Office made the EV chargers possible. They reviewed existing infrastructure to find locations with the capability to support a new charger to keep the installation and construction costs low, prioritize locations, and ensure the chosen locations would meet traffic and parking management requirements to match existing parking structures. The utility also worked with Community and Economic Development Office and business district representatives to secure support for the locations in each unique business community. Most chargers will mount to streetlight poles. Two won’t but they will still use existing infrastructure.

Click here and tell us where you would like to see an EV charger in your neighborhood. We will consider your suggestions when we install future chargers.