Commercial Project Development Process

Supply Chain Impacts on New Service Connections

Tacoma Public Utilities is currently experiencing ongoing supply chain issues that could impact the timelines for new service connections. These ongoing supply issues are resulting in a dwindling stock on hand due to increased material lead times and shipment delays, as well as increased costs for high demand items. We are working on solutions to ensure that construction timelines stay on track to the best of our abilities.

  • The supply chain constraints are not specific to one type of material or affecting just the Puget Sound region.
  • Neighboring utilities are experiencing the same delays.
  • We are seeing a variety of issues coming from our distributers, ranging from contracts being terminated, sellers not following through with already negotiated pricing, significant increases in pricing, and long lead times and extended delivery timelines, sometimes multiple times.
  • We are making every effort to track and communicate material availability to our customers, however, our ability to determine when certain materials will arrive is diminishing.
  • Projects may need to be prioritized based on readiness for service or other factors.
  • We will notify any new applicants if we expect there will be impacts specific to their project.

Follow these steps to apply for a new electrical service installation or alteration of existing service (location, size, type, etc.):

1. Complete the Electric Service Application. During the application process, submit the following documents:

  • Plat maps and engineering plans for all utilities, proposed and existing.
  • Roadway designs including stationing, roadway x-sections, curbs and sidewalks.Commercial Project Process
  • Electronic AutoCAD civil and site plans including:storm/storm retention
    • storm/storm retention
    • sewer
    • water
    • elevation information, existing and finished
    • landscaping
    • parking
    • outdoor lighting structures and circuitry
  • Voltage and electrical load requirements with proposed electrical service location
  • Joint trench participants

Tacoma Power’s New Services Engineering group will review plans, make a site visit, prepare the design and agreement, and calculate the project cost and engineering deposit.

2. Pay the deposit. After the deposit has been made, Tacoma Power will complete the preliminary detailed electrical design and plans and send them to you and the appropriate public agencies and utilities.

3. Payment in full. Construction plans will not be released until all fees are paid and any required utility easements are obtained.

4. Submit final revisions. You must submit any revised plans before Tacoma Power will release the construction drawing.

All installations will be built to Tacoma Power’s standards and applicable jurisdictional codes. Please review our current Electrical Construction Standards.

If you have any questions, please contact Tacoma Power’s New Services Engineering office at 253-502-8436.

Central Business District

For projects within the Central Business District Area, please review the Electrical Service Application and list of requirements.