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Permits for Your Home or Business

If you are building, updating or remodeling a home or business, you may be required to get permits for the work. This section will help you with the permitting process.

Our lobby is temporarily closed, here are additional tips to help with the permitting process, along with the information listed in the menus below.

Electrical Permits:
  • Applications for Electrical Permits and New Service, along with contact numbers can be found here.
  • Applications for Electrical Permits and New Service can be submitted by email to, or fax to (253) 502-8659.
  • Payments for Permits and New Service can be made by calling (253) 502-8277.
  • Electrical contractors can use or sign up for our online permitting portal at
Water Permits:
Drop offs:

Electrical and Water Permit applications, and payments by check, can be placed in one of the drop box locations at the Tacoma Public Utilities building, located at 3628 S. 35th St. The drive-up box is in the parking lot directly across the street from the main entrance. Walk-up drop boxes are available at the front and west entrances of the building.

Please enclose payment and/or application in an envelope and:

    • Provide your name, contact number, or email
    • Clearly addressed to:
        • Electrical Permits or New Electrical Service, or
        • Water Permits or New Water Service

Water Permits for Your Home or Business

If you need a new water service connection or additional water service for your home, you will need to complete an application. This process helps ensure there is enough water available for your personal use and fire protection.

To inquire about the cost or process for setting up your new water service connection, contact our Water Permit Counter by email or call 253-502-8247.

When you are ready to begin, first print and complete our Residential Water Service Application. Then email to

If your project requires you to temporarily stop existing water service, contact Customer Services at 253-502-8600 or make changes to your account online at

For more specific information, terms and definitions concerning water use, see the Tacoma Water’s Regulations and Rates portion of the City of Tacoma Municipal Code. For reference, Tacoma Water’s Public Water System ID Number is 86800N.

Residential Permits and Construction Applications

Below are the forms you may need for your water project. You can choose to submit the information via the online application or download the PDF if you prefer.

Commercial Certificate of Water Availability

Commercial Pricing Estimate – Service Installation

Fire Hydrant Flow Test Application and Agreement

Hydrant Use Permit

Occupancy Backflow Assembly Inspection Request

Residential Certificate of Water Availability

Residential New Service Fee Estimate

Residential Water Service Application and Agreement

Tap and Connection Payoff Amount

Electrical Permits for Your Home

Please note: Tacoma Power has adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code

Before electrical work begins, and before an inspection can be done, you must do the following:

Electrical Permits for Your Business

Please note: Tacoma Power has adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code

Before electrical work begins, and before an inspection can be done, you must do the following (pursuant to the provisions outlines in TMC 12.06A.230):

For more information, contact your inspector or call 253-502-8277.

For all other system upgrades to serve new or modified loads please contact New Services Engineering.

Electrical Inspection Requests

Once you have been issued a permit, you can use our interactive voice messaging system to schedule an electrical inspection. This system also allows you to schedule, reschedule or cancel an existing inspection request or find information about completed inspections.

To schedule an inspection:

  1. Have your permit number for the inspection ready.
  2. Call 253-502-8277.
  3. Enter the permit number when prompted.
  4. Follow the prompts to schedule, reschedule or cancel an inspection.
  5. Press 3 to get inspection results. The message may be long, but it will give you the results of the inspection performed.
  6. To speak with a TPU customer representative at any time during the call, press 0

Please note: Tacoma Power has adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code

Online Permitting for Electrical Contractors

If you are an electrical contractor you can sign up for an online account. There, you can apply and pay for electrical permits, view your electrical inspection records, re-schedule or cancel inspections and request new inspections for your existing permit. If you have questions about the system, call 253-502-8277 for assistance.

Water Hydrant Rentals

If your business needs to use a fire hydrant for non-firefighting purposes, you will first need to apply for a hydrant use permit.

Hydrant Use Category & Fee Schedule

Category #1

  • Fixed (single) site construction project*
    Permittee is required to submit meter reads on a monthly basis.

    • Fee: $100
  • Meter deposit for hydrant
    Deposit will be refunded after return of the meter and appurtenances. Costs for hydrant/meter repair/replacement caused by improper operations/theft will be deducted from your deposit.

    • Fee: $1000

Category #2

  • Multiple-site hydrant use* (approved hydrant locations)
    A subcontractor will be able to use the same permit as the general contractor if all cross-connection requirements are met and your name is disclosed when the permit is issued.Both the general and subcontractors will be required to submit a monthly log sheet of estimated water consumption per truck.

    • Fee: $100

Category #3

  • Short-term (one day and minimal use) per truck per day (approved hydrant only)
    • Fee: $50


  • Penalty for unauthorized use (All categories [1-3])

*Monthly water use charges at the inside/outside commercial rate will be based upon estimated consumption, plus the ready-to-serve charge for a two-inch meter.

Under some circumstances, you may need to purchase a water service connection and/or install a fire hydrant meter.

For more information about hydrant rentals, contact the Water Customer Support Group at (253) 502-8247.

Land Use

You can find answers to common questions about land use rights, permits and applications on at the City of Tacoma’s website.

For those wishing to work on or around TPU land, we require land use permits for:

  • Log or rock hauling
  • Vehicle parking
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Signage
  • Ingress and egress access

To apply, download and complete the Land Use Permit Application. Once complete, mail your application to the address listed on the form, or scan the document and email it to Melissa Luchini on our Real Property team. Completion of this application does not guarantee a permit will be granted.