Start/Stop Service

Residential Service

To start or stop residential service, please call 253-502-8600 at least one business day in advance.

Start or Transfer Service

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There are two ways to sign up for or transfer service:

  • MyAccount (online)*
  • Call Customer Service:
    • Residential: 253-502-8600
    • Business: 253-502-8606
    • Property Managers: 253-502-8606

*If service is currently disconnected at the location, you will need to contact customer service to sign up for service.

To start service, please notify TPU at least one day prior to your desired start date (via MyAccount or by calling Customer Service). You will need the following information to establish service:

  • Physical address where you need service connected
  • Social Security Number
  • Primary phone number
  • Preferred start date
  • Mailing address (if different than the physical address)
  • Authorized contacts (spouse/roommate)

Service Fees:
TPU charges a non-refundable connection fee for establishing new service. The amount of this fee (up to $21.60) varies based on the utility services requested. This fee will be included on your first bill.

Same Day Service Requests:
Requests for same-day connections are subject to an additional fee. Requests made after 12 p.m. for same-day service will be charged an additional $60 connection fee.

Fixed Charge:
If you start, stop or transfer service with Tacoma Public Utilities, the fixed charge on your bill will be prorated based on the number of days your service was active. Learn more about rates.

Residential Deposits

Deposits are required for power and water services. Deposit fees are as follows:

  • Residential homes – $200
  • Apartment buildings with one to four units – $200
  • Apartment buildings with five or more units – $100
  • Water deposit – $75

Deposits are due 30 days from the start of service. Late deposits may result in disconnection of services without notification. Please contact customer service if you are unable to pay your deposit fee.

TPU will refund your deposit when we’ve received 12 consecutive months of satisfactory payments.

Deposit amounts:

  • Home: $200
  • Apartment buildings with one to four apartments: $200
  • Apartment buildings with five or more apartments: $100
  • Water: $75
Deposit Waiver Requests Residential Customers

Deposits may be waived for residential customers if:

  • Resident owns the home or property. Mobile home owners must own the land their home is located on to be eligible for a waiver.
  • Resident can provide a letter of credit from another utility showing continuous service for 12 consecutive months in the past two years
  • Furnish a qualified guarantor who will agree to be responsible for the bill up to the amount of the deposit.
  • The property owner contacts Tacoma Public Utilities to discuss owner guarantee options. However, if the owner guarantee is removed at any time, for any reason, the customer listed on the account will be required to pay the deposit.

Tacoma Public Utilities may request a deposit if a customer used a waiver option and failed to keep the account in good standing.

Reconnect Service

If your service has been disconnected because of non-payment, the re-connection fees will be as follows:

  • Field collection call²: all services $10
  • Credit re-connection fee (before 4 p.m.)²: Power $12 | Water $12
  • Credit re-connection fee (after 4 p.m.)1: Power $60 | Water $60
  • Credit re-connection fee at the pole (before 4:30 p.m.): Power $307
  • Credit re-connection fee at the pole (after 4:30 p.m.)1: Power $433
  • Credit re-connection fee underground (before 4 p.m. only): Power $75

Reconnection fees must be paid before we can schedule the reconnection. Customers living in outlying areas of our service territory may be subject to different cutoff times and fees. Please call us at 253-502-8600 for more information.

¹After-hours charges apply if the payment is received after 4 p.m. same day and you want service re-connected that same day. However, you can have your service re-connected the next business day at the day-time rate.

²Not applicable for customers with a remote capable advanced meter.

Reconnection of Utility Services During Periods of Extreme Heat 

If your residential power or water service was disconnected for lack of payment before or on a day the National Weather Service issues or announces the intent to issue a heat-related alert, such as an excessive heat warning, watch, or advisory for the Puget Sound region, you may request a reconnection for the excessive heat days as long as you have an active account. 

We will reasonably attempt to restore your service. Reconnects occur during regular business hours and may not happen until the following business day. If we receive a request after regular business hours or on the weekend, we will schedule reconnection for the next business day. If the heat advisory ends on the scheduled reconnection day, we will cancel the reconnection. Normal reconnection fees will apply to heat-related reconnections. 

Your service may be disconnected without notice if your balance remains unpaid after the heat advisory ends. 

To initiate reconnection, contact Customer Services at 253-502-8600 and indicate you are requesting reconnection due to the excessive heat days. 

Stop Service

There are no fees to stop your service. There are two ways to stop service; online via MyAccount or by calling customer service. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Date you need the service turned off
  • Mailing address (where will the final bill be mailed)

Business, Property Managers & Builders/Developers


To start or stop utility services for your business, please call Business Solutions  at 253-502-8606 at least 30 days in advance.

Start a new service
When you start a new service, a service establishment fee of up to $21.60 – based on which utility services are requested – will be added to your first bill. There is no charge for stopping service.

Same day service request
Same day new service requests made after 12 p.m. will be charged an additional $60 fee

Property Managers

We have an easy way to help you start or stop services for your tenants online. Learn more about our Property Manager online system and register your account today.

Builders / Developers

Contact us at (253) 502-8606 or