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Save with New Construction

The best time to discuss energy-efficient equipment and systems for your new commercial or industrial construction project is during the design and planning stage. Doing so can help lower your upfront costs while reducing your long-term utility bills and energy use.

To take full advantage of all available rebates and incentives, include Tacoma Power in your building design process as early as possible. Our programs can help pay for a variety of energy-efficiency enhancements. We can also help identity and prioritize other efficiency opportunities for even greater savings.

Eligible rebates include:

Equipment Rebates

  • Air-conditioning equipment
  • Heat pumps

Custom Incentives

  • Lighting fixtures, lamps and controls
  • Mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water heating, and controls
  • Building shell insulation, air tightening, and glazing
  • Industrial process efficiency improvements

Our new construction incentive is 20 cents per annual kilowatt hour saved, up to 100% of the incremental cost of the efficiency improvements.

Design Team Incentives

We may also provide additional incentives for design analysis of complex or innovative energy efficiency projects. Contact us more for details.

Rebate Eligibility Details

  • Must be new commercial or industrial construction within Tacoma Power’s service territory.
  • All projects must be approved by Tacoma Power before construction is completed.
  • Efficiency improvements must result in energy performance beyond that achieved when building to Washington State’s Energy Code.

Rebate Process*

Contact our experts at 253-502-8619 to discuss your project and options.
Complete the new construction rebate application and email it to with the subject line: CI New Construction.

What Our Customers Say

To learn more about how our rebate programs can help your company lower its utility bill, see the following case studies and videos:

For an overview of the commercial Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) provisions and online training click here.