Cushman Substation

Cushman Substation

How is Cushman Substation currently used?

As of Aug. 27, the substation no longer energized and is not a functioning part of the utility’s power system. The building is used for heavy equipment repair and storage of materials.

What does the future hold for Cushman Substation?

Both Cushman and Adams substations are on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places. In June 2017, the Tacoma City Council determined that these portions of the property be added to the register:

  • The exteriors of both substation buildings
  • The sites surrounding both buildings (not including the non-historic electrical switchyard equipment)

Cushman Substation Building To Be Placed On Tacoma Register of Historic Places

The Council also determined that the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Power will establish a process to encourage timely redevelopment of the two properties.