Environmental Stewardship at TPU

Being a good steward of the environment is important to us. Whether it’s providing information to you about ways to save energy or work done at our hydro projects to protect fish and wildlife, we are committed to being a good neighbor.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation can help you save money on your utility bill and keep electricity rates lower. We offer rebates, grants and loans that can help you make upgrades to your home that conserve electricity. We offer these programs because they benefit our customers in many ways and keep us compliant with the Energy Independence Act. The cheapest electrical generation is the electricity you don’t have to generate! Saving our already low cost hydroelectricity can keep you electric bill low. Learn more about energy efficiency rebates.

Fish and Wildlife Protection

In addition to providing a renewable source of energy, our four hydroelectric projects support major fish and wildlife programs. Learn more about Tacoma Power’s fish and wildlife programs.

TPU's Electric Fleet

Proud Partners of West Coast Electric Fleets

  • We pledge to take actions to expand the use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).
  • We strive for at least 3% ZEVs on all new passenger car fleet purchases.
  • We will revisit this pledge annually to consider a higher ZEV procurement goal.

Tacoma Public Utilities, Clark Public Utilities and City of Palo Alto are electrifying fleets to reduce costs and meet sustainability goals

“Our utility and city environmental plan calls for upgrading public and utility fleets with electrified vehicles and reducing fossil fuel usage, which aligns with our commitment to a green environment.”

— Don Ashmore, TPU Fleet Manager

Habitat Conservation Plan

Clean, reliable water is essential to sustaining life for humans, animals, fish and plants. Sound water resource management helps maintain a healthy ecosystem for all.

We work to responsibly manage the lands entrusted to us within the Green River Watershed and elsewhere. We work to maintain and improve environmental health and ensure water quality. We also work to protect, restore, and mitigate impacts to fish, wildlife and their habitats that result from construction, operation and maintenance of our water supply and delivery systems. We created a Habitat Conservation Plan as part of our application to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service for a 50-year incidential take permit for its water supply operations on the Green River. Learn more about our Habitat Conservation Plan.