Tacoma Power and Electrify America introduce new electric vehicle charging stations in Tacoma

Image from Tacoma Power, featuring a Plug-in EV Tacoma Public Utility fleet vehicle in front of new chargers installed at the Walmart Supercenter located at 1965 S. Union Ave. in Tacoma.

Electric vehicle owners interested in ultra-fast charging and workplace charging in Tacoma now have more options thanks to a collaboration between Tacoma Power and Electrify America. Electrify America, a leader in fast-charging for electric vehicles (EV), recently installed several new DC Fast Charging (DCFC) and Level 2 sites in Pierce County to increase convenience for existing electric vehicle owners, and encourage EV adoption among local residents.

“The partnership between Electrify America and Tacoma Power is creating a cleaner South Puget Sound,” said Chris Robinson, superintendent of Tacoma Power. “We’re working to bring more public and workplace charging options to the Tacoma area, because we know the impact of vehicle emissions on climate change. Electrify America is making sure these charging stations are where drivers need them, and we’re supplying low-cost, renewable, carbon-free hydroelectricity to power them.”

To help reduce the barriers to DC fast charger investment, Tacoma Power is offering a new rate schedule that reduces demand charges through 2031. The rate will help remove barriers to private investment in fast charging infrastructure and recover costs.

“We are excited to work with Tacoma Power to introduce new ultra-fast charging stations in Tacoma, as part of Electrify America’s ongoing commitment to create a nationwide network that is premium, ubiquitous and powerful,” said Rob Barrosa, director of utility strategy and operations at Electrify America. “We appreciate Tacoma Power’s Electric Vehicle Fast Charge Rate, which eliminates demand charges initially, thereby facilitating our efforts to install DC Fast Chargers that can encourage EV adoption. We hope that this innovative rate structure will serve as a model for other utility companies to follow.”

As part of its relationship with Walmart, Electrify America recently installed three DC Fast Chargers and one Level 2 charger at the Walmart Supercenter located at 1965 S. Union Ave. in Tacoma. The new site is one of more than 120 charging stations at Walmart stores nationwide.

The additional Level 2 charging stations in Tacoma, installed in collaboration with SemaConnect, are now open at the following locations. Charging rates vary by site:

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