Fish, Wildlife & Environment

In addition to providing you with clean, renewable hydroelectric energy, we support the following fish and wildlife programs:

Fish Programs

Protecting fish habitat and helping fish move safely around our dams are among our top priorities. We own two Cowlitz River fish hatcheries and two hatcheries at our Cushman Hydro Project, and have juvenile fish collectors, separating facilities for adult fish, and trap-and-haul programs. We also plant fish in several areas around our hydro projects to provide recreational fishing opportunities.

To help protect our waterways and fishing areas, fish habitat and your equipment, learn how to spot and remove invasive mussels and plants.

Wildlife Programs

Carefully managing and protecting the thousands of acres within our watersheds helps fish and wildlife thrive, and protects our quality of life. Some of our natural areas are managed by Tacoma Power’s natural resources team; others are managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife with funding from Tacoma Power. Working together, we protect:

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Fishing and Recreation Line: 888-502-8690

Environmental Protection

Clean, reliable water is essential to sustaining life for humans, animals, fish and plants. Sound water resource management helps maintain a healthy ecosystem for all.

We work to responsibly manage the lands entrusted to us within the Green River Watershed and elsewhere. We work to maintain and improve environmental health and ensure water quality. We also work to protect, restore, and mitigate impacts to fish, wildlife and their habitats that result from construction, operation and maintenance of our water supply and delivery systems. We created a Habitat Conservation Plan as part of our application to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service for a 50-year incidential take permit for its water supply operations on the Green River. Learn more about our Habitat Conservation Plan.