Commercial Water Incentives

Commercial and industrial businesses can receive valuable incentives for making upgrades that will save water and money. Our incentives help offset up to 50% of the initial costs of hardware and equipment that result in water savings. In addition to lowering your water bill, these upgrades may also reduce your sewer and power bills, too.

The Pierce County Jail now saves about two million gallons of water per year and a significant amount of money after installing a water-recycling laundry facility. Watch this video to learn how they did it using a Tacoma Water rebate program.

Schedule Your Free Assessment

To help you make the most cost-effective improvements, our water-efficiency experts will visit your business to assess your company’s water use, fixtures, equipment and other processes — all at no cost to you. After inspecting your business, we will give you a detailed report with suggestions on how you can use less water and save more money. This report may include recommendations for upgrading to more efficient equipment as well.

Learn more about our incentives, and schedule your free assessment, by contacting one of our water conservation experts at (253) 502-8723 or

You can also review the Program Procedures and Requirements and complete the application to the get the process started.

Program requirements and rebates are subject to change without notice.

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