Power Outages

Power Outages 1Power outages occur due to both planned and unplanned events. Stay in the know when your power goes out.

Tacoma Power’s outage portal offers more features and information, and allows you to easily report a power outage online or via text message. You can also choose to receive updates to your phone or via email. Click here to register for the outage portal using your TPU account number and the phone number associated with your TPU account.

This map will help you locate and learn more about current outages. Select the icon on the map indicating an outage and learn more about the cause, number of customers affected, and status of restoration.

Registering for our outage platform provides the best experience for reporting and tracking outages. However, you can report an outage online without having an account. You can also reporting outages, broken power lines or poles by calling 253-502-8602.

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The outage information we report is based on estimates and projections. Tacoma Power makes no express representations or warranties regarding its accuracy. We make every reasonable effort to post the best, most readily available data we have.

When widespread outages occur, ETRs may initially be assigned automatically and need additional assessment before they can be considered an accurate estimate. When our repair crews arrive on-site and assess damages and required repairs, they will update the outage map with a more precise ETR. We recommend checking the map regularly for updates or enroll to receive email and/or text message notifications.

Power outage tips
  • Turn off and unplug electronics such as computers, TVs, and security systems.
  • Turn off all appliances, water heater, air conditioning and heating units, and lights.
  • Keep your refrigerator closed to keep food cold. Remove ice cream from the freezer; it is one of the first things to melt and is messy. For tips on food safety, see the Centers for Disease Control’s website.
  • Turn on a porch light and one inside light so you and our crews will know when your service is restored.
  • Stay inside. If outside, stay away from any damaged or downed power lines – always assume they are energized. Move away and call 911.
  • Do not use a natural gas range to heat your home. Don’t burn charcoal for heat or cooking indoors. Both fuels give off dangerous fumes.
  • Use flashlights, not candles. Candles may start a fire.
  • Use generators properly. Never plug portable or auxiliary generators into a wall outlet. Click here to learn more about generator safety.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter. Spot the outage updates by looking for this photo:

Power Outages 3

For tips on how to prepare for future outages, click here.

How to tell a communications line from a power line

Communications lines are the lowest lines on a power pole. They are thinner than power lines, which hang above. Click here to view a diagram that shows all the different lines running from the street to your home.

Outage Portal Registration FAQ:

If I already use MyAccount, am I registered for the outage portal?

No. The outage portal is not connected to MyAccount. You must create an outage account even if you already use MyAccount to manage and pay your bill.

How can I find my TPU account number?

Your account number is located on your bill in the upper right-hand corner. See an example here.

How can I confirm which phone number is associated with my TPU account?

You can confirm your phone number by calling our customer services team at 253-502-8600.

Can I use this for my business?
If your business is a Tacoma Power customer, you can register! Use the account and phone numbers associated with your TPU business account. If you have problems or questions, call our Business Solutions office at 253-502-8606.
What does it mean if the outage platform says it cannot validate my information?

If you are trying to register and receiving a message that the system is unable to validate your information, you are most likely using the incorrect phone number. Check to see which phone number is associated with your TPU account before trying to register again.

I registered, now what?

Once you have registered and activated your account, login and set your notifications preferences.

  1. Click “Profile” in the menu on the top.
  2. Click “Set Notification Preferences” or “Notification Preferences.”
  3. Add your phone number(s) and email address(s) and hit “Save.”

Next time you experience a power outage, you can login to the portal to report your outage or text “Out” to 24764 if you have enrolled in text alerts.

Need help? Call our Customer Services team at 253-502-8600. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.