Electrical Permitting

To help ensure safety, quality and compliance, all electrical work in Tacoma Power’s service area requires an electrical permit and inspection. This includes major electrical projects as well as minor changes such as adding of an outlet or light fixture to your home.

Only licensed electrical contractors, companies that employ them and homeowners living at the home may purchase electrical permits and perform electrical work.

There are two types of permits:

  1. An individual permit is for a specific electrical project. You must get the permit before work begins.
  2. An annual permit offers a convenient way to permit regular maintenance work, small electrical modifications and circuit additions without having to get multiple individual permits year after year. However, an annual permit is not a blanket permit for all electrical work.

We strongly enforce our permitting and inspection policies. Failure to obtain permits before you begin your projects may result in fees or disconnection of your electrical service. To keep your home or business safe, and to avoid fines and violations, always review our electrical requirements and request the appropriate permits before starting any electrical job.

View the Tacoma Power service area and the Tacoma Power Electrical Inspection Area maps to ensure you are eligible for electrical service from Tacoma Power.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, if your building plan includes electrical services rated over 400 amps you must: