Community EV Charging Rebate

Community EV Charging RebateAre you looking for reasons to install EV charging at your business or workplace for public use or for the tenants at your multifamily property? What’s a better incentive than money back? If you meet Tacoma Power program requirements, you may be eligible for a Community Charging rebate. See the rebate amounts below and look through program eligibility, requirements, and specs to see if this a good fit for you. Even if you are not sure if you plan to apply, we encourage you to fill out the application for general interest and our staff will contact you to provide more information and answer questions.

Level 2 Networked Charging:

  • Standard projects: $5,000 per port, up to $50,000 total project rebate
  • Priority projects: $10,000 per port, up to $70,000 total project rebate

Level 2 Non-Networked Charging:

  • Standard and priority projects: $2,000 per port, up to $15,000 total project rebate

Utility Infrastructure Upgrades (utility side of the meter):

  • Networked charging projects: Up to $10,000, included in total project caps
  • Non-networked charging projects: up to $7,000, included in total project caps

Priority Charging Projects
  • Priority charging projects have been identified as falling in underserved and overburdened areas of Tacoma Power’s Service territory. These projects receive an increased rebate to help cover the incremental cost to add charging for present and future EV drivers.
  • Priority projects must be located in the Low or Very Low zones on the Pierce County Equity Index Map and/or Justice 40 Federal Map in order to receive priority rebate funding for charging installations.
  • Priority rebate is not available for workplace only charging statsions regardless of location on Pierce County Equity Index and Justice 40 maps.
Grant Matching

Customers who receive State or Federal grant funding for Level 2 charging stations cannot apply Tacoma Power’s Rebate to the ports approved via their grant award.  Tacoma Power will provide up to a $10,000 Rebate from the Disbursement Funds for utility side infrastructure upgrades related to the project.

Program Requirements

Property Requirements

The property must:

  • Be served by Tacoma Power.
  • Be a multi-family building/property or commercial building with an owned parking area.
  • Have charging installed where multiple EV drivers can charge. Parking spaces and chargers must be shared, not deeded individual assigned spaced. Condo owners should check out our residential EV charging rebate.
  • Have signage and bollards (where applicable) installed to permanently reserve for EV charging and call attention to the purpose of the space(s).
Property Owner Requirements

The property owner must:

  • Complete the online community charging program application
  • Wait to begin work until the Transportation Electrification Rebate Agreement for Community Charging has been signed and processed by Tacoma Power. This agreement with the property owner is contingent on all necessary bids being submitted and pre-project site walk being completed.
  • Proceed with the project when they have received documented approval from Tacoma Power
  • Provide an estimated project complete date after receiving approval from Tacoma Power to begin work

Tacoma Power will conduct comprehensive pre- and post-inspections.

Program Product Specifications

The charging equipment must:

  • Include a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer or installer and a 5-year networking fee (applicable to networked charging installations)
  • Be a Level 2 (240v) charging station (delivering no less than 7.2kW of charge)
  • Be UL listed
  • Be installed by a licensed, bonded, and insured company
  • Be installed to manufacturer specifications
  • Be installed according to Tacoma Power Electrical Permitting requirements and any other building or zoning codes. The property owner and/or contractor are solely responsible for securing all necessary permits.
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Need more info before applying? Click to begin the application above and select “Research phase, just getting started” from the drop-down menu requesting your project status. Complete the basic information questionnaire and we’ll be in touch to provide more information and answer your questions.

Conditions and Documents

Tacoma Power reserves the right to withdaw, modify, or terminate this program at any time, without notice.

This program is a limited time offer.

Program requirements, product specifications, and rebates are subject to change without notice.

Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, retailer, manufacturer or product.

Community Charging Program Rebate Agreement