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Save with Lighting

Upgrading your light bulbs and fixtures is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money on your utility bills. It also helps reduce your maintenance and operating costs. To make upgrading more affordable for your business, Tacoma Power has rebate programs that could cover up to 100% of your total project cost.

2021 Program 

Custom Small Business
  • 2021 rebate amount – $0.19 per kWh saved

Maximum paid

  • 2021- 100% of installed cost
Custom General Business
  • 2021 rebate amount – $0.17 per kWh saved

Maximum paid

  • 2021- 60% of installed cost
Click here for the 2021 application

Rebate Eligibility Details

  • You must be a Tacoma Power customer served by a business rate.
  • You must submit an application with required documents and get approval from us before starting your project.
  • Eligible upgrades include:
    • Switching from Non-A-Lamp incandescent and CFL bulbs to LED fixtures and lamp replacements
    • Switching from fluorescent lamps to new LED fixtures, retrofit kits, or TLED lamps
    • Switching from HID to LED fixtures and lamp replacements
    • Switching from incandescent to LED exit signs
    • Installing occupancy, vacancy or daylight sensors, or other advanced lighting controls
  • LED fixtures and lamps must be listed on one of the following approved lists:

Rebate Process*

  • Contact our experts at (253) 502-8619 or to discuss your project and options. Verify if your business is classified as a small business (Class B) or is a general business customer (Class G or HVG).
  • Complete and submit a Bright Rebates application.
  • Find and hire a qualified contractor. Learn tips for hiring the best contractor for your project and review our list of lighting contractors who meet the qualifications to participate in our programs.

What Our Customers Say

To learn more about how rebates can help your company reduce its utility bill, see our community testimonials:

Click here to read how incorporating high-performance lighting systems and an energy efficient HVAC system helps Franke Tobey Jones care center manage utility costs, maintain quality surroundings, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Watch how the Tacoma Rescue Mission used LED lighting and an energy efficient HVAC system to build a new shelter to last. Their total energy savings is enough to power an average Tacoma Power home for one year.

See how we helped Tacoma Twin Rinks use a special nozzle from REALice for their Zamboni, which means the ice rink can save energy and money.

*Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. Tacoma Power makes no express or implied warranties of these products.

Payment is subject to the terms and conditions of the rebate. Tacoma Power reserves the right to verify sales transactions and to inspect installations prior to issuing rebates. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to a delay or cancellation of rebate processing.

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