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Public Meetings & Presentations

2021-2022 Rate and Budget Process

Our staff hosts outreach events to provide an opportunity for members of the community to learn more about how the budget process works and hear about rate adjustments before they go into effect. We’ll update this page as meetings are schedule and presentations become available. Have a question or comment? You can send us your question or comment via an online form by clicking here.

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Neighborhood Council Meetings

Other Community Meetings

City Council Meetings

  • Sept. 30 – Presentation to City of Tacoma Government Performance and Finance committee on TPU preliminary rate proposals
  • Oct. 6 – Joint City Council/Public Utility Board study session for review of TPU-wide preliminary budget and rate proposals
  • Nov. TBD – Scheduled adoption of TPU’s budget and rates ordinance(s) by Tacoma Mayor and City Council

Tacoma City Council meeting agendas, materials and video recordings can be found here.

Tacoma Public Utility Board

  • August 26 – Public Utility Board reviews Tacoma Power budget and rates proposal
  • Sept. 9 –  Public Utility Board reviews Tacoma Rail and Tacoma Water budget and rates proposal
  • Sept. 23 – TPU budget and rates overview/public hearing
  • Oct. 14 – Public Utility Board first reading of budget and rates ordinance(s)
  • Oct. 28 – Public Utility Board consideration and scheduled adoption of TPU budget and rates ordinance(s)

Public Utility Board meeting agendas, materials and video recordings can be found here.

Budget & Rate Presentations

Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water staff prepare and present budget and rates research and background to the Public Utility Board. For more information on what projects are planned and how costs are managed, see the presentations below.