Schedule Electrical Inspection

You can schedule, reschedule, cancel or get the results of your inspection online, through the Interactive Voice Messaging System (IVR) or by text via the SelecTXT system.  

Click below to view instructions on how to schedule your inspection through each system.  

Online Accela Customer Access Portal

Step 1: Search for your permit  

  • To schedule an inspection, navigate to the Accela Customer Access Portal with the following link: 
  • Go to the search box towards the top right of the page and enter the permit number. Hit “Enter” or the magnifying Glass button. If the search criteria is a valid permit, the page will be directed to the permit home page.  

Step 2: Schedule your inspection  

  • Drop down the menu in Record Info and select Inspections.   
  • Select Schedule or Request an Inspection  
  • Select the appropriate Inspection Type, then click Continue  
  • Select an available inspection date on the calendar, select All Day, then click Continue  
  • Verify Location and Contact Information, then click Continue  
  • To provide additional information for the inspector, select Include Additional Notes  

Step 3: Verify and Schedule Complete  

  • Enter the additional information in the Optional Comments field, then click Finish  
  • The scheduling process is now complete  
Interactive Voice Messaging (IVR)
  1. Find your permit number (ex. ELER24-00001)
  2. Dial 253-502-8277 then Press:
    1. For English
    2. For Spanish
  3. Press:
    • 1 to Schedule an inspection
    • 2 to Cancel or Reschedule an inspection
    • 3 to Obtain inspection Results
    • 4 to Make a Payment
    • 0 to Speak to Electrical Services Department Staff during normal business hours
  4. Enter your Permit Number
  5. Enter your Inspection Code 
  1. Enter one of the following into your text messaging app.
    • “SCHEDULE” to schedule an inspection
    • “CANCEL” to cancel an inspection
    • “RESCHEDULE” to reschedule an inspection
    • “RESULTS” to obtain inspection results
  2. Send it to 844-475-1480
  3. Follow the interactive prompts to enter your permit number, inspection code, and other details. 

Send Express Commands to schedule even quicker with a single message 

To SCHEDULE an inspection: 

  • S Permit Number Inspection Code Preferred date (mm/dd)
  • Example: “S BLDCA22-0000 103 06/07”
    • Will schedule a new 103 inspection permit for permit BLDCA22-00000on June 7th      

To CANCEL an inspection: 

  • S Permit Number Inspection Code
  • Example: “C BLDCA22-0000 103”
    • Will cancel the previously scheduled 103 inspection for permit BLDCA22-00000 

To RESCHEDULE an inspection: 

  • RESCHED Permit Number Inspection Code Preferred date (mm/dd)
  • Example: “RESCHED BLDCA22-0000 103 06/07”
    • Will reschedule the existing 103 inspection permit for permit BLDCA22-00000 on June 7th      

To CHECK RESULTS for an inspection: 

  • R Permit Number Inspection Code
  • Example: “R BLDCA22-0000 103”
    • Will show the results of the completed inspection for permit BLDCA22-00000   
Permitting Inspection Codes

Residential and Commercial Permits 

  • 203 UFER
  • 205 Ditch
  • 207 Slab
  • 209 Rough-In
  • 211 Backfill
  • 213 Wall Cover
  • 215 Ceiling Cover
  • 217 Service
  • 219 Low Voltage
  • 221 Service Change
  • 223 Reinspection
  • 225 Sign
  • 227 Solar
  • 229 Electric Vehicle Charger
  • 555 Other
  • 999 Final 

Temporary Permit 

  • 217 Service
  • 205 Ditch
  • 211 Backfill
  • 223 Reinspection
  • 555 Other
  • 999 Final  

Service Removal for Demolition Permits 

  • 231 Reclaim Request
  • 223 Reinspection
  • 555 Other  

Off Over a Year Permits 

  • 233 Service Off Over a Year
  • 223 Reinspection
  • 555 Other  
Scheduling Details
  • Inspection times are between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. While inspectors cannot provide specific arrival times, they may give you a three-hour window in which they will arrive (either 9 a.m. to noon or noon to 3 p.m.). To discuss the possibility of scheduling an inspection between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m., speak directly with your inspector.
  • Inspection requests for the following working day must be made before 1 p.m. and are subject to availability.
  • We assign inspectors geographically. See the Inspection Areas Map to get contact information for the inspector covering your neighborhood.
  • Your permit will expire one year after the date of purchase or the date of the last inspection, whichever is later.

You can apply and pay for electrical permits, view your electrical inspection records, re-schedule or cancel inspections and request new inspections for your existing permit at If you have questions about the system, call 253-502-8277 for assistance.

Access Information
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the inspector has access to inspect the work.
  • The inspector will not enter your home without an adult present (minimum age of 18).
  • If you choose, you can leave a key for an inspector to enter an unoccupied house or non-residential building. You can let them know where the key will be left by including this information on the permit or by speaking to the inspector prior to the day of the inspection. However, an inspector will not enter a house with furnishings or personal property inside even if you leave a key.
  • You may be charged a trip fee if the inspector arrives but does not have access to complete the inspection.

Appointments must be cancelled by 8:30 a.m. the day of the inspection. Failing to cancel in a timely manner may result in a trip fee if the inspector arrives at your home or job site and cannot complete the inspection.

Service Hookups
  • If you need your power connected or reconnected, you must pay your power connection fee and permit fee prior to any inspection.
  • If you pay all your fees, have your service approved and are not contacted by the sixth day, please call us at 253-502-8460 so we can help.