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About Tacoma Water

Tacoma Water has a proud tradition of operating and maintaining one of the country’s oldest municipally owned water systems. We provide high-quality water at very competitive prices.

We provide direct service to more than 300,000 people throughout Pierce and King counties. View a map of our service territory.

Our mission:
Providing clean, reliable water.

Quick Facts

Basic stats:

  • 117 square miles of service area
  • 236 employees
  • 94,707 residential customers (63% inside city limits; 37% outside city limits)
  • 7,164 commercial and industrial customers
  • 1,399 miles of water mains

Water use:

  • Average annual use per household: 61,685 gallons
  • Average daily use per household: 169 gallons
  • Average cost per household: $444 year / $37 month
  • Total annual use: 6,085,772,880 gallons

Water supply:

  • Up to 150 million gallons per day from the Green River
  • 50 million gallons per day from local wells

Water storage:

  • 67.6 million gallons in McMillin Reservoir
  • 73.1 million in 18 other reservoirs and standpipes


  • Value of our fixed assets: $873.5 million
  • Total operating revenue: $94.6 million
  • Bond ratings:
    – Moody’s: Aa2
    – Standard & Poor’s: AA

2017 data