Cowlitz Restoration & Recovery Project

Up to $3 million in grant funding available for habitat and hatchery-associated production projects in 2019!

Do you have an innovative idea for a habitat or hatchery-associated project that would help endangered salmon and steelhead in the upper Cowlitz River basin? We want to hear it!

Tacoma Power established the $17 million Cowlitz Restoration and Recovery (CRR) Fund as part of its federal license to operate the Mayfield and Mossyrock dams. The goal of the fund is to support activities that protect and promote recovery of endangered salmon species in the upper Cowlitz River basin, such as

We are offering up to $3 million in funding during our first grant round.

Who is eligible to apply?
  • Any conservation group registered as a non-profit
  • Native American Tribes
  • Regional fisheries enhancement groups
  • Conservation Districts
  • Local and state governmental entities
  • Federal agencies
  • Private landowners are allowed to propose restoration projects on their own property, but not acquisition projects
Where can the projects be located?
  • The entire Cowlitz River basin upstream of Mayfield Dam
  • The Cowlitz River mainstem and tributary mouths between Mayfield Dam and the mouth of the Toutle River

Program documents (below) have additional details on geographic and species priorities.

How are grants awarded?

The fund is administered by Tacoma Power with oversight by the Cowlitz Fisheries Technical Committee (FTC) and its CRR Subcommittee. The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board (LCFRB) will review proposals for habitat projects and the CRR Subcommittee will review proposals for hatchery-associated production projects. After those technical reviews, the FTC will review all grant proposals (habitat and hatchery-associated) and make awards recommendations to Tacoma Power based on CRR Program priorities. Tacoma Power will make the final recommendations by the end of the calendar year.

The fund will be spent down entirely before our federal license expires in 2037. Future grant-round schedules and amounts may vary.

Ready to apply?

1. Check out the implementation plan and strategy for more details.
2. Habitat projects:|

3. Hatchery-associated production projects


Contact Florian Leischner at 253-502-8298 or Melora Shelton 253-441-4994

Want to learn more?

Additional information available by request (contact Florian Leischner at 253-502-8298 or Melora Shelton 253-441-4994):

  • Randle-area LiDAR
  • Geomorphic Assessment (report available Spring 2019)
  • Randle-area hydraulic model (report available Spring 2019

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