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Habitat Assessments

We are conducting habitat assessments to better inform protection, restoration and recovery projects and planning in the upper Cowlitz basin. Habitat Assessments

Tacoma Power has been developing a suite of habitat tools (e.g., Geomorphic Assessment, Hydraulic Model) that inform the habitat conditions and trajectories within the upper Cowlitz and Cispus basins. Earlier work included identifying reaches with high-quality habitat potentially suitable for protection.

Hydrodynamic Modeling and Habitat Suitability Assessment (in development)

Tacoma Power is contracting a hydraulic model (2D) to evaluate water depth and velocity at different flows in the Cowlitz River mainstem in the Packwood-Randle area.

Report and spatial data will be available in the spring of 2020.

Geomorphic Assessment

Tacoma Power contracted a geomorphic assessment in 2019 to evaluate trends over time and future trajectories of the Cowlitz and Cispus River mainstems, upstream of Cowlitz Falls. Appendices include maps of Relative Elevation Models and active channel areas over time.

Contact us for associated spatial data.

Packwood-Randle Area LiDAR

Tacoma Power contracted a topo-bathymetric (blue-green) LiDAR survey of the upper Cowlitz River from roughly Packwood downstream to Lake Scanewa in support of habitat assessment efforts.

Contact us for associated spatial data.

Upper Cowlitz River Basin Reach Characterization

Tacoma Power contracted an assessment to identify river reaches suitable for protection through acquisition in 2014. The assessment focused on non-federal lands upstream of Mayfield Dam in the Tilton river, upper Cowlitz river, and Cispus river.

Contact us for associated spatial data.

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, with support from Tacoma Power, has developed an Upper Cowlitz and Cispus Habitat Strategy. The outcome of this effort, focused upstream of Cowlitz Falls, is a habitat strategy comprised of over 100 potential actions (restoration and protection measures) to support listed salmonid recovery.

Tacoma Power is not soliciting for additional habitat assessment projects at this time, but please contact Florian Leischner at 253-502-8298 or Melora Shelton 253-441-4994 to discuss ideas or opportunities.