As part of the federal license for the Cowlitz River Project, Tacoma Power set up a three million dollar Fish Habitat Fund to protect, restore and enhance fish habitats as funds allow.

We are in the process of acquiring property and land easements. After purchasing property and securing conservation easements, our next priority will be habitat restoration activities.

To oversee this work, a Habitat Advisory Group (HAG) was formed with representatives from:

  • Tacoma Power
  • Lewis County
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • American Rivers/Trout Unlimited
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

The group is responsible for approving the eligibility and priority of property along the mainstem Cowlitz River and tributaries of the Barrier Dam and the confluence of the Toutle River. The Fish Habitat Fund Allocation Plan provides a framework for evaluating sites and ranking the sites.

Other sources for funding and grants can be used to leverage the money provided by Tacoma Power. The Fish Habitat Fund may also be used as a source of matching funds for proposed project grants requiring multiple funding sources.

Get involved
We encourage conservation groups and others to initiate project proposals and submit them to the Habitat Advisory Group. Please keep in mind your proposal must meet certain criteria to be considered.

To submit a proposal or learn more, email us at