“Where does your money go” video series makes renewable energy credits tangible

First up – Aberdeen Biomass

How do we make a renewable energy program, like Evergreen Options (EO) tangible? Show members the power of their purchase.

EO members donate monthly in support of local renewable energy projects, and purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECS), for as little as $3 a month to offset their personal carbon footprints. We can trace those RECS back to projects around Washington state. A newly launched video series, “Where does your money go?” highlights member dollars hard at work.

The first story takes place in Aberdeen where EO members supported Sierra Pacific Industries’ lumber mill along the Chehalis River. Through the use of an onsite cogeneration steam plant, fueled by leftover scraps the mill creates, the mill produces enough energy to power all its equipment and 18,000 homes. Steam, not smoke, fills the sky as a beacon of clean, renewable, reliable energy. It is an achievement, or as John Gardner, the supervisor of cogeneration, says, “It’s America.”

Watch the complete journey from the mill yard in Aberdeen to a wind project in Kennewick and back on Facebook and Instagram.

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