Tacoma Water crews going door-to-door tomorrow

In response to finding high lead levels outside four Tacoma homes recently, Tacoma Water mailed letters to homes and businesses that may have lead goosenecks – a short pipe connected to the water main that may be the potential cause of the high lead levels.

To ensure notification, employees will visit homes and businesses that may have a lead gooseneck, unless they have already contacted us.

“While we are still investigating what may have been the source of lead in the original samples, we have a responsibility to let customers know if a lead gooseneck may be connected to the water line serving them and what they should do about it if they do,” said Deputy Superintendent Chris McMeen. “Mailing letters was a good first step, and going door-to-door will help ensure notification for customers who may not have received or read the letter.”

A crew of 20 will begin around 9 a.m. on Saturday and will be finished when everyone on this list has been notified.

For more information about how Tacoma Water is responding to the high lead findings, go to TacomaWater.com/Lead.

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