Husky Terminal enhances safety and bolsters financial performance through partnering with Tacoma Power

Husky Terminal has been a fixture at the Port of Tacoma for over forty years. Recently, they deepened their commitment to safe and sustainable operations with some major upgrades to their onsite lighting. Switching their terminal light fixtures to high-quality, energy-efficient lighting aligned with their mission and the transition to LEDs seamlessly integrates with the company’s net zero commitments, making another stride toward a more eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious future. 

Husky Terminal engaged Lumenal Lighting, a Certified Minority Owned commercial lighting contractor, to assist with the project. They identified lighting solutions and installed LEDs on masts using Holophane high-mast fixtures and floodlights to relight the terminal. The Lumenal team worked directly with Tacoma Power to maximize their client’s energy conservation efforts. Tacoma Power’s Bright Rebates program made the industrial upgrade feasible and earned Husky a $298,121 utility rebate. The 70% reduction in electricity use provides savings equal to more than 130 homes powered for a year. 

Shane Petitt, partner and vice president of Lumenal Lighting, remarked on the collaboration, “Tacoma Power takes a genuine and proactive interest in energy savings projects. They assisted Lumenal in maximizing the rebate potential and advised them throughout the workbook and documentation submittal process.” 

Lumenal’s drone footage demonstrates the remarkable before and after lighting upgrade at Husky Terminal in the Port of Tacoma. 

The shift from metal-halide lights to LED not only enhances safety but also generates significant cost savings through reduced operating expenses. The decrease in maintenance time for servicing ballasts and lamps and renting the lifts is estimated to save over $18,000 annually, in addition to about $120,000 per year savings on their utility bill. The brighter lighting improved visibility in the port, facilitating easier maneuvering for large trucks and enhancing overall performance. The business anticipates fully funding the project through operational cost savings by 2026. 

“Ensuring safety is a top priority at Husky Terminal, and the collaboration with Tacoma Power on the LED lighting project has notably raised our standards,” said Ryan Lucido, director of Sustainability, Security and Facilities at Husky Terminal. “The enhanced visibility and clarity foster a safe working environment and underscores our dedication to the well-being of our employees.” 

Today, Husky Terminal’s outdoor space boasts high lighting levels, ensuring safe working conditions. The property benefits from reduced operating and maintenance costs, aligning with the company’s commitment to responsible practices that protect the people, assets, and environment in and around the port, including local neighborhoods, which benefits everyone in our community. 

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