EV Charge Tacoma Overview

Getting Started

Welcome to EV Charge Tacoma! Please follow the steps below to get started with our study.

  1. Complete the first survey online.
  2. Look for your FleetCarma C2 device in the mail. You can expect delivery in 5 to 10 business days.
  3. When your device arrives, install it within 10 days of delivery. Follow provided instructions to active the C2 device and install in your EV. If you need additional support to complete this step, visit the FleetCarma website.
  4. FleetCarma will notify us when the device is active.
  5. We’ll send your first payment of $50.
  6. Continue to use and charge your EV as you normally would.


By participating in our study, you’ll qualify for several payments. Below is a schedule describing the payment process.

  • $50 after survey is complete and device is active
  • $200 in the summer of 2020 after we receive the first year of data
  • $250 in the summer of 2021 after we receive the second year of data and the final survey is complete

Quick Resources

EV Charging Study FAQ

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