Integrated Resource Plan

Learn more about Tacoma’s power supply and how we are planning to meet our future energy needs.

Integrated Resource Plan

Mossyrock – One of Seven of Our Dams

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a tool to help Tacoma Power plan for an uncertain future so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs for decades to come. Approximately every four years, we complete a full refresh of the IRP. We also revisit and make small updates to the plan between the larger refresh years. Our last full IRP refresh was conducted in 2015, and an update was completed in 2017. The next IRP is scheduled for completion in September 2020.

Public Input

We welcome input from our community and hold a public input process as part of the development of each IRP. The next round of public input will begin in early 2020. We will publish more information about the public input process for the 2020 IRP shortly. If you would like to submit general comments or feedback electronically, please use the form below.

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