Smart Thermostat Rebates

OverviewSmart Thermostat

Heating and cooling make up about half of the average American household’s annual utility bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Having greater control over your thermostat helps you save money, conserve energy and increase comfort — and using a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to do this.

A smart thermostat is an easy to use, Wi-Fi-enabled device you control remotely using a smartphone, tablet or smart speaker. It allows you to program your thermostat to adjust the temperature depending on the time of day, the season, whether you are home or away and other factors. It also tracks and records how much energy you are using, making it easier to conserve more and spend less.

Smart Thermostat Rebate Details*

We offer property owners a $50 rebate towards the purchase and installation of any qualifying smart thermostat. This rebate is available whether you install it yourself or hire a contractor to do the work. The rebate is limited to one per heating system or a maximum of two rebates per home or living unit.

Rebate Requirements:

  • Smart thermostat must be listed on the BPA’s Qualified Products List
  • Must meet our Smart Thermostat Specifications
  • Your primary heating system must be an electric forced air furnace or central heat pump
  • Rebate may be combined with product manufacturer rebates if applicable
  • Smart thermostat features must include:
    • 7-day programmable or learning-based scheduling
    • Wi-Fi enabled with remote access
    • Occupancy detection
    • Heat pump auxiliary heat control capability

Not Eligible: Thermostats that control cooling-only systems or dual fuel heating systems (such as a gas furnace with an electric heat pump).

How to Apply for a Rebate

New! Digital Application – simply fill out the form and upload your receipt.

Prefer a paper application? Fill out the smart thermostat relevant application below and submit it to us.

To learn more, see our Rebates page and Rebate FAQs.

*Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. Check with Tacoma Power for current information. Energy and heating savings are estimates only. Actual savings may vary. Tacoma Power does not make any representations, promises or warranties with respect to actual cost savings from any of the products. Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product.