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Electric Vehicles (EVs)



EV Landing

Electric vehicles are a clean alternative to traditional vehicles – especially when the electricity that fuels them comes from renewables like the hydroelectricity Tacoma Power provides our customers.  

Be part of our customer feedback group! 

Get updates and provide input on electric vehicle programs and events from Tacoma Power.

Interested in buying an electric vehicle? Join TPU for fun, free events. Learn about EVs and test drive the latest models.

  • Electric Vehicle 101 workshops

Each year, new electric vehicle models are introduced with lower prices, greater range, and more options and charging stations are installed to better meet driver's needs. Join us for a free workshop to learn more about your choices and answer questions such as:

Will an electric vehicle fit my lifestyle and budget?
Are they really better for the environment?
How does it differ in driving; what about charging?
Incentives and financing options

EV Discount

Electric Vehicle Discount Program

Interested in purchasing or leasing a NEW electric vehicle? The City of Tacoma invites you to consider participating in its EV discount program this fall.

The discount program offers pre-negotiated pricing with participating Tacoma dealerships and bike shops to provide no hassle deals. For a limited time, you can save thousands of dollars on full battery EVs, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and electric bicycles. Discounts on selected home charging equipment are also available!

Click here for a list of participating dealerships. Discounts are provided directly through each dealership, and not through the City of Tacoma.

Vehicle models in the program include the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and BMW plug-in hybrid models, MINI Cooper Countryman Plug-In Hybrid, Toyota Prius Prime, Ford Fusion Energi, and Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid. 

To learn more, visit Sign up using the online form to receive additional information. There is no obligation to purchase when signing up. 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Tacoma Power customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint by switching to electric vehicles have an advantage over residents in other parts of our region. Tacoma Power’s electricity comes from 89% hydroelectricity from local dams and is 96% carbon free. When you switch to an electric vehicle that uses electricity from Tacoma Power, you’ll significantly lower your carbon footprint.

Save on Fuel Costs

You’ll also save money on fuel costs. In Washington, it costs an average of $0.86 per gallon to fuel an EV (when translating the energy content of electricity to gallons of gas). Our rates are lower in Tacoma, so it’s even cheaper. Compare this to an average of $2.80 per gallon for gas in Tacoma and the savings add up fast.

Looking for other ways to lower your carbon footprint or save energy?


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