Schedule Electrical Inspection

Schedule Electrical Inspection

Contact us to schedule your appointment

Request inspections and get your results quickly through our Interactive Voice Messaging System.

Use this system to:

  • Cancel a request
  • Find information about the dates and times the inspections were completed

You will be asked to select an option to get the specific information you need. You can also request to talk to a Utility Service Representative or leave a message for an inspector.

To schedule an inspection:

  1. Have your permit number for the inspection ready
  2. Call (253) 502-8277
  3. Enter the permit number when prompted
  4. Follow the prompts to schedule an inspection

To speak with a Utility Service Representative, press 0.

Get Inspection Results

The system will prompt you to press 3 to get inspection results. The message may be long, but it will give you the results of the inspection performed.

Contractors with Permits

If you are an electrical contractor you can sign up for an online account. There, you can apply and pay for electrical permits, view your electrical inspection records, re-schedule or cancel inspections and request new inspections for your existing permit. If you have questions about the system, call (253) 502-8277 for assistance.