Water Source

The source of our water supply varies throughout the year, depending on the season, weather, snowpack level, inflows and water storage conditions.

Our average available supply is 110 million gallons per day. The average use is 55 million gallons per day.

The maximum amount of water available by source is shown below.

  • Green River – 72 million gallons per day
  • 7 North Fork wells (alternative Green River supply) – 84 million gallons per day
  • Local wells – 59 million gallons per day
  • Interruptible Green River supply – 27 million gallons per day

Water Supply Conditions as of April 2019 

Below average temperatures during February and early March increased snowpack in the Green River watershed, but delayed refill of the Eagle Gorge Reservoir.  Remaining snow is at approximately 67% of average as of March 28 and is starting to melt earlier than the historic average.  Streamflow forecasts for spring and summer have been trending toward more dry than predicted a few weeks ago.  However, given the significant remaining snowpack, the amount of time left in spring for rain, and the current capture rate to fill the reservoir, we project adequate water supply for 2019.

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