Water System Plan

2018 Water System Plan

Tacoma Water’s Comprehensive Water System Plan serves as a tool to assist Tacoma Water in making the best use of available resources in order to provide quality water services and protect the health of its customers.

Tacoma Water is required by the Washington State Department of Health to update its water system plan every ten years. These efforts include stakeholder and public outreach activities.

The 2018 Water System Plan was approved by the Washington State Department of Health on January 6, 2020.

2018 Water System Plan

Appendix A

Consistency Statement

Direct Service Area Planners

DOH Letter

King County Letter

Pierce County Letter

Adjacent Water Purveyors

Water System Plan Comments

Public Meeting Informational Materials

Public Utility Board Agenda March 27, 2019

Public Utility Board Resolution No. U-11069

City Council Agenda April 16, 2019

City Council Resolution No. 40301

Appendix B

King County Review Requirement Guidelines

Pierce County Review Requirement Guidelines

Washington Department of Health Checklist

SEPA DNS Cover Page

SEPA DNS Legal Notice

SEPA DNS Environmental Checklist

Appendix C

Tacoma Water Capital Improvement Program Needs Assessment

Appendix D

2017 Service Interties

List of Interties

Appendix E

Tacoma Water Watershed Management Plan

Appendix F

Water Rights Self-Assessment

Appendix G

Storage Capacity Analysis

Appendix H

Source Capacity Analysis

Appendix I

Distribution System Analysis

Appendix J

Sanitary Surveys

Appendix K

Wellhead Protection Plan

Appendix L

Forecasting Report 2015

Water System Plan Demands Metadata

Appendix M

Service Area Map

Water Service Agreement List

Appendix N

King County Water Reclamation Evaluation Checklist

 Supplemental Plans

Integrated Resource Plan

Water Conservation Plan

Water Shortage Response Plan

Archived Plans

In 2008 the Department of Health approved the 2006 Tacoma Water Comprehensive Water System Plan Update. This update consists of Volume I (dated July 2007) and Volume II (dated August 2006 and titled Green River Watershed Management Plan).

Water System Plan Executive Summary

Water System Plan, Volume I

Water System Plan,Volume II

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