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Save With Advanced Rooftop Unit Control

Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) Program
(253) 502-8619 

An Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) is an energy-saving retrofit solution for constant volume, single-zone packaged rooftop unit (RTU) equipment. These controls work with various RTU manufacturers, have the ability to control and monitor RTUs via the Internet and can reduce utility expenses by more than 50%.

To help, we'll pay up to 70% toward ARCs. Tacoma Power now offers a $225 per ton rebate for electric and a $50 per ton rebate for gas, up to 70% of the qualifying project cost. 

ARCs vs. Standard RTUs

With a standard RTU, the supply fan operates continuously during building occupancy. Fan speed cannot be controlled and supplies constant air volume whether the outdoor air damper is opened or closed.

An ARC offers the following advanced features: 

  • Variable Fan Speeds
    Customizes fan speeds for different modes of operation, such as ventilation, first or second stage heating or cooling.
  • Integrated Air-Side Economizers
    Controls the flow of air with differential dry-bulb temperature control.
  • Demand-Controlled Ventilation
    Uses a return-air CO2 sensor to regulate outdoor-air damper and fan speed controls, to ensure CO2 levels do not exceeded allowable limits.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • New, qualifying ARC equipment must be purchased and installed in an existing RTU at a business location within Tacoma Power's service territory. Please read the ARC Rebate Application for details.
  • The ARC Rebate Application must be completed, signed and submitted to Tacoma Power in the manner described below. 
  • All projects must be pre-approved by Tacoma Power before you install equipment. 


Get Started

  • Contact our HVAC experts at (253) 502-8619 or to discuss your project ideas and options. 

  • Download and complete the ARC Rebate Application.
  • Submit your ARC Rebate Application to Tacoma Power for pre-approval. Tacoma Power will contact you if a pre-installation site verification is required.
  • Tacoma Power will notify you when pre-approval is complete.
  • Buy and install qualifying equipment.
  • Complete Attachment A - ARC Functional Testing Sheets (located in the ARC Rebate Application).
  • Submit Attachment A and required post-installation documentation to Tacoma Power. Tacoma Power will notify you if a post-installation site verification is required.
  • Tacoma Power will mail a rebate check after all final project documentation has been reviewed and approved. 

Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. Tacoma Power makes no express or implied warranties of these products.

Payment is subject to the terms and conditions of the rebate. Tacoma Power reserves the right to verify sales transactions and to inspect installations prior to issuing rebates. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to a delay or cancellation of rebate processing.