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Ways to Save at Work

Rebate Forms & Info


See all of our rebate and incentive applications on one page. Download the applications and link to information. Learn More.

Work with us and save twice when you replace your old lighting with new energy-efficient lighting. Learn how.

Custom Retrofit

Rental Properties

Talk with us - we may be able to help cover some costs of replacing inefficient equipment or systems. Learn more.
We can help you and your tenants save money and energy, which could help improve your occupancy rates. Learn More.

New Construction

Compressed Air

We can help make the most of a new building design by providing up to 100% of the incremental costs to upgrade to a more energy-efficient design. Learn more.
Save money and system down time when you take advantage of Tacoma Power's Compressed Air Efficiency Program. Learn more.


Kitchen Equipment

Your heating and cooling expenses can be one of your most significant energy costs. We have ways to save with efficient equipment. Learn More.
Commercial kitchens use up to 10 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. We can help you save with efficient equipment. Learn More.

Additional Information

Additional Resources