To prepare for Sound Transit's construction of the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension, Tacoma Power will replace and relocate 32 wood power poles along the 2.4-mile extension route with new taller (60-and-65-foot tall) wood poles this summer. This work will have traffic impacts in the Stadium District, and some minimal impacts along the remaining portion of the route. Tacoma Power anticipates completing its work by Oct. 1, 2018.  

Why is Tacoma Power replacing and relocating its wood power poles along the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension?
The new poles will provide the height clearance necessary for Sound Transit's new overhead catenary system and wire to support the Link Light Rail extension. Work will also move the power poles out of Sound Transit's construction areas.

Will the pole replacements cause any power outages?
Yes. The power pole replacements and relocations will cause temporary power outages. However, Tacoma Power will coordinate and plan the outages with the affected businesses to minimize impacts.   

Will there be any traffic impacts?
There will be temporary traffic impacts in some areas like the Stadium District. Detour signage will out to direct traffic. Other areas such as Hill Top will have minimal impacts because Tacoma Power will work on side streets and not on main thoroughfares.   

What times of day will Tacoma Power do its work?
Tacoma Power's will work during the day and at night to complete its work efficiently as possible and minimize impacts on businesses and residents.

Will the sidewalks be useable? 
In the construction areas, the sidewalks will not be usable. Tacoma Power will repair any sidewalks it tears up.

What other types of pre-construction utility work must occur to prepare for and support the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension?
Sound Transit is contracted to relocate Tacoma Water’s pipes along the 2.4-mile corridor starting in late 2018 through 2022. 

Utilities such as Puget Sound Energy, Century Link, and others must also perform pre-construction work. 

How much does the pole replacement work cost?
Tacoma Power's pole replacement and relocation work will cost approximately $1.7 million as the city's in-kind contribution 

After Sound Transit’s Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension is complete, will Tacoma Public Utilities provide services to support the new light rail?

Yes. TPU will provide electricity and water service to Sound Transit for its new stations and to power the light rail trains.

How is Tacoma Power helping the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension be more environmentally-friendly?
Tacoma Power’s electricity comes from 89% hydropower and is 96% carbon free. The electric trains can provide a significant reduction in carbon emissions in the City of Tacoma’s downtown core as they replace gasoline-powered personal vehicles or buses.

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