Save money for your business with these tips

As your business adapts during this time and you make changes in how you operate, it’s natural to wonder how your energy bill impacts your bottom line. We compiled a list of tips to conserve power that will help you save money.

If your business is temporarily closed or partially open

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas and choose a few to leave on for safety and security. Use timers, outside motion-detectors and day/night sensor LED lighting options that use less electricity.
  • Balance HVAC energy savings with indoor air quality. Consider full-air-change flushes to reduce the buildup of unhealthy indoor environments per CDC recommendations.
  • Reset programmable or smart thermostats to coincide with working hours.
  • Consolidate food in restaurant refrigerators and freezers. When full, refrigerators use less energy. Turn off any unused refrigerators, and clean and prop open doors to prevent mold and bacteria.
  • Unplug energy consuming electronic appliances and office equipment. Computers, printers and other equipment can draw power even when they are off.
  • Close curtain and blinds to block outside cold air and sunshine, and maintain consistent indoor temperature.
  • Schedule periodic walk-throughs of your building to visit every water-using fixture and appliance. Check for leaks or other water-related issues to fix before they get worse.

When your business getting ready to reopen

  • Ensure lighting controls and timers are working properly and that settings are adjusted for new building-use patterns.
  • Check HVAC temperature setpoints and gradually adjust them to occupied levels. Ensure all HVAC equipment is set to “on” and communicating with thermostat controls.
  • Check programmable thermostats to ensure they’re working and their programming is adjusted for working hours.
  • Ensure that all unplugged office equipment and water coolers are plugged back in and set to energy-efficient settings.
  • If your business has been closed for an extended period of time, flush your water pipes to refresh the water.

For rebates and other ways to save energy and water, visit our Business Rebates page.

We’ve also complied a list of resources for businesses in response to COVID-19. You can find them at

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