Homeowner hacks for outdoor savings in Pierce County

Update your home’s curb appeal and save with these homeowner hacks for families in Pierce County. From free trees and a complimentary yard waste bin to LED lighting sales, we’ve rounded up the best deals from around the county to get you saving outdoors this fall.

  1. Replace your outdoor fixture bulbs with $0.99 LEDs.

Using LEDs conserves energy and saves you money. LED bulbs use about 75% less energy and last 15 to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Tacoma Power partners with local stores to get your family instant rebates on the top items that conserve energy. Until the end of the month, Home Depot stores in Tacoma are offering LED light bulbs for $0.99. Learn more here.

  1. Free $30 tree coupon for Pierce County residents

In an effort to increase the tree canopy in Pierce County, Tacoma Public Utilities, City of Tacoma and the Puyallup Watershed Initiative have funded $30 tree coupons for Pierce County residents, covering the cost of a variety of trees.

Tree coupons are valid for $30 off each tree purchased, for up to three trees on your residential property, at select local tree retailers. These trees may be planted on your private property or in right-off-way areas (such as planting strips) abutting your private property.

Request your coupon here.

  1. Get to know TAGRO with a free sample

Pierce County residents are encouraged to shovel their own sample of TAGRO Mix from the “free pile” while supplies last.

TAGRO, short for “Tacoma Grow,” is award-winning, environmentally friendly products that will give you better results with your lawn and garden—even while you help to reuse community resources and protect our environment. TAGRO products are less than the cost of similar products and delivery is available.

  1. Free yard waste disposal at transfer stations in Pierce County

For yard waste generated in Pierce County’s solid waste system. Branches must be smaller than four inches in diameter and less than four feet long.

A fee of $93.48 per ton will be charged for all non-system yard waste* collected at transfer stations in Pierce County.
Minimum charge is $18.70 for up to 400 pounds.

*Non-system includes yard waste from Tacoma, Ruston, Auburn, Pacific and JBLM. It also includes yard waste from other counties.

  1. Free second yard/food waste container for Tacoma residents

Tacoma residents can receive a second 90-gallon brown yard/food waste container at no additional charge. A third yard/food container is available for $3/month.

  1. Get up to 50% off when you upgrade your irrigation timer to work with the weather.

Smart irrigation timers automatically adjust your watering schedule according to the weather and many provide convenient access via mobile applications.

We offer residential Tacoma Water customers a rebate of 50% off (up to $100) of the purchase price of any qualifying WaterSense smart irrigation controller and/or add-on or plug-in device. The rebate is available whether you install it yourself or hire a contractor to do the work. The rebate is limited to one per residential household.

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