Understanding summer water rates can help you find ways to save money

Summer water rates went into effect on June 1. Rising temperatures often mean our community uses extra water for landscape and outdoor water needs. We use a two-tiered rate for water charges during the summer to encourage people to conserve water during peak demand. Conservation helps ensure we have enough water for our community, fish, and other wildlife. 

The average household uses about 9-12 CCF (just over 7,500 gallons) of water per month. (CCF stands for 100 cubic feet, which is 748 gallons.) We charge the same Tier 1 rate for the first 5 CCF per month from June 1 to Sept. 30. To encourage water conservation, we charge any water use above that at the Tier 2 rate.

To help you keep costs down, look for ways to use less water inside the home and outdoors. Reducing water use can help you save money on utility bills this summer. For a few easy tips from our experts, visit our Water Smart page for details. 

For more information, visit our Water Rates page. 

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