TPU director selected for national electric industry leadership role

At its annual national conference in Minneapolis this week, the American Public Power Association (APPA) appointed TPU Director and CEO Bill Gaines to the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors. Gaines was elected to the APPA Board last year as one of two representatives of Pacific Northwest public power utilities.

APPA is the primary industry association representing the nation’s more than 2,200 public power utilities. Based in Washington D.C., APPA advocates for public power at the federal level, conducts member education and training, and helps guide evolution of the utility business model. The board’s 10-member Executive Committee is the primary governing body for APPA.

“It is a high honor to be asked by my peers to join APPA’s Executive Committee,” Gaines said. “Just as it was an honor last year to be nominated by the Tacoma Public Utility Board and elected as an APPA Board member.”

“Bill’s deep expertise and experience with electricity issues both in the Pacific Northwest and nationally will make him a valuable addition to APPA’s Executive Committee,” said APPA President and CEO Sue Kelly. “The Executive Committee provides strategic leadership and direction to APPA, together with APPA’s full Board.”

In addition to his roles with APPA, Gaines is serving a two-year term as chairman of the Large Public Power Council (LPPC). LPPC represents the 26 largest public power utilities in the nation, which include the cities of Los Angeles, San Antonio, Austin, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sacramento and Seattle. The LPPC chair is elected by the CEO’s of the member utilities. Both APPA and LPPC are instrumental in helping shape national energy policy, and in sharing best practices among member utilities.

“Active participation in the leadership of these organizations pays many dividends to Tacoma Public Utilities,” Gaines said. “We gain an early awareness of energy, financial and environmental policy trends, and we are positioned to help shape legislation and regulation that affect the industry in ways that are beneficial to our utility. We also have a very direct opportunity learn from our peer utilities and to share our knowledge and experiences with others.”

Tacoma Public Utilities has a long history of leadership in national energy and utility policymaking. Upon retiring from TPU, former director and CEO Mark Crisson served as president and CEO of APPA until his retirement last year.

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