TPU celebrates Drinking Water Week May 5-11

TPU and the American Water Works Association celebrate Drinking Water Week May 5 – 11. The theme for 2019 is “Protect the Source.” We depend on our drinking water daily, but where does TPU celebrates Drinking Water Week May 5-11 1that water originate? In Tacoma – Pierce County, our primary source of drinking water is the Green River Watershed, which covers approximately 148,000 acres of forestland. Maintaining the quality of our water enhances our quality of life, supports the local economy, and protects our natural resources. We monitor the quality of our water starting at its source and throughout our water treatment and distribution system to ensure you receive clean, safe water when it reaches your home or business. We call on everyone in our community to help protect our water sources from pollution, practice conserving water, and to get involved in local water issues by learning about your water.

Read more about the Green River Watershed.

Watch a video about the Green River Filtration Facility completed in 2015.

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