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Electrical Permitting

Get your permit before you get to work

"Effective August 14, 2017 the Tacoma Electrical Code, Chapter 2.04 of the Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) is  replaced with a new Chapter 12.06A. All references, links, and documents referencing Chapter 2.04 have been changed or are in the process of being changed to reflect the new Chapter assignment. For example, TMC Chapter 2.04, Section 2.04.250 is effectively TMC Chapter 12.06A, Section 12.06A.250."  

Electrical work in Tacoma Power's service area - from major electrical overhauls to the addition of an outlet or light fixture - requires an electrical permit and inspection.

Only licensed electrical contractors, companies that employ licensed electricians, and homeowners residing at the home may purchase electrical permits and perform electrical work.

We have strengthened the enforcement of our policies regarding contractors and customers who do not request permits or inspections for electrical work.

Review the permit requirements and request the appropriate electrical permits to avoid fines and violations.

There are two types of permits:

Individual permit: Used for a specific electrical project. This standard type of permit is used to cover most electrical work. The permit must be obtained before work begins. Failure to do so may result in additional fees, or in certain instances, disconnection of electrical service.

  • Annual permit: Used to replace individual permits for maintenance-type work. Annual permits allow a convenient way to permit small electrical modifications or circuit additions. However, an annual permit isn't a blanket permit for all work.

If you are an electrical contractor you can sign up for an Online Account. There, you can apply and pay for electrical permits, view your electrical inspection records, re-schedule or cancel inspections and request new inspections for your existing permit. If you have questions about the system, call (253) 502-8277 for assistance.