Tacoma Water takes top honors at AWWA conference

Tacoma Water employees win three out of four categories of water competition at the 2019 American Water Works Association conference in Vancouver. The honor makes them some of the smartest, strongest and fastest water employees in the Pacific Northwest, and qualifies them for nationals. The AWWA nationals tournament will take place in Denver in June.

Watch the winning performances:

2019 TPU Women’s Water Tapping Team

  • Coach – Julie LaVergne
  • Setter – Jen Routh
  • Cranker – Kim Edwards
  • Copper – Shantel Shepard

2019 TPU Men’s Water Tapping Team

  • Coach – Ken Young
  • Setter – Robbie Mauer
  • Cranker – CJ Blanchard
  • Copper – Phil Gause

2019 TPU Meter Madness

  • Carlos Carmacho

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