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Tacoma Water saves more than $800,000 over 10 years

As part of our mission to keep rates low, we’re committed to using what we know to responsibly manage our system and your dollars. By replacing the right assets at the right time, we deliver on the full value of your investment.

Recently, Tacoma Water inherited plastic pipes with a history of failing. Instead of replacing the pipes right away, our team researched the material and analyzed its construction. It turned out the inherited plastic pipes were different than others and should last another 50 years. 

A few years later, we started to hear about corrosion on our service line connections from our crews. We looked at our connections and found they aren’t holding up in the soil; we will need to replace them in 10 years. By using what they learned, the team knows the pipes will last longer than the connections, and those 10 extra years of safe use calculate to more than $800,000 in savings for customers. 

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